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What Are the Benefits of Coconut Oil?

organic coconut oil Bobo's oat bars

You’ve probably heard a lot about coconut oil and how it is a great addition to your diet for all of the health benefits it offers. But what exactly makes organic coconut oil a great addition to snacks and meals for your family? 

Here at Bobo’s, we like using coconut oil in our bars, bites and toaster pastries, as it adds a nice, nutty flavor to the oat treats and provides health and wellness benefits to better the body and create more satiety, so you feel fuller longer. 

Why We Use Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is often mistaken as being bad for your heart, as it is higher in saturated fat compared to alternative oils, like olive oil and avocado oil. Yet, studies show that coconut oil actually offers great nutritional value and health benefits. 

It Can Help Burn Fat

Coconut oil contains MCT (a type of fat) which can lead to higher diet-induced thermogenesis, resulting in potential weight loss over time. This is why many keto dieters choose to add MCT oil and coconut oil to their coffees and smoothies.

It Can Boost Brain Function

MCT oil can also enhance cognitive function. Research shows that MCTs in coconut oil can improve memory retention and keep your brain sharp. 

It Can Protect Your Heart

While excess saturated fat is bad for heart health, some properties in organic coconut oil can actually lower cholesterol. Studies show that coconut oil increases healthy cholesterol (HDL) to better your heart health and lower the risk of heart disease. It is also anti-inflammatory, which can lower risk for various diseases, including heart disease.

It is Antibacterial

Due to the lauric acid in coconut oil, it can help fend off diseases and bacteria to kill pathogens that enter your body. 

It Fills You Up

Since coconut oil is high in healthy fats, it helps fill you up and suppress appetite, so you will be satisfied with that Bobo’s Bar and not need to keep munching until your next meal. This can aid in weight management and keep appetite in check. Snack on!