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11 Healthy New Year Resolution Ideas (That Aren’t Just About Weight Loss)

healthy new year resolution ideas

Now that 2021 has arrived, it’s time to set those New Year resolution ideas in stone. As always, some of the top New Year’s resolutions on everyone’s minds are to be just a little bit healthier and happier. As families embark upon a brand new year, it’s the perfect time to implement more healthy eating habits, ways to stay active, and a positive mindset within the home to create a happy, healthy year ahead. 

Changing your lifestyle to bring about wholesome habits will benefit your whole family and increase your quality of life. But how do you create a good New Year’s resolution? Any resolution that’s sustainable and promotes wellbeing will be realistic and able to be easily implemented into your routine. 

These resolutions won’t just be centered on weight loss or physical appearance, but rather a simple need to feel healthier, happier, stronger, and more productive. Healthy new year resolutions will help the mind and body work at their best, and those changes will be noticeable in terms of your amount of energy, drive and joy. 

The little things add up, so getting in those extra hours of sleep and choosing a piece of fruit over a candy bar will make a big difference in enhancing a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Here are a couple of great habits to keep in mind as you begin 2021 so you can have an exciting, purposeful, nutritious, and restful new year.

1. Get More Sleep

Make sleep a new necessity for you and your kids, as those zzz’s can make you wake up feeling more refreshed and energetic and they can help your mind and body perform better throughout the day. Plus, lack of sleep can negatively impact your gut and immune system, which might make you more prone to sickness. 

Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night as a healthy new year resolution idea—one that’s realistic and can be met by way of powering down an hour before bed (try no social media or TV!), sleeping in a cold room, and using blackout curtains to keep the sunlight out.

2. Eat the Rainbow

Fruits and veggies that are brightly colored contain antioxidants that do wonders for your health. Antioxidants fight free radical damage to promote anti-aging and protect your heart, thereby lowering risk for various diseases, like heart disease, stroke, and high cholesterol. 

Literally eat the rainbow of colors—purples, greens, oranges, yellows, blues, reds and more! You can go for veggies and fruits, as well as starchy veggies like sweet potato and squash, which have beta-carotene, another type of antioxidant. For fresh fruit and veggies that contain skins, don’t peel the skin away—that’s where the fiber is! Real, whole food fruits and vegetables are always best, but if you want a quick fruity snack to eat on the go, try a Bobo's Strawberry Jam Toaster Pastry or whip-up our easy zesty lemon blueberry smoothie recipe.

3. Stay More Active

Keeping on your feet and staying active will protect your heart and lower your risk for various diseases later in life. Plus, you can be active in a variety of ways! 

Whether you play flag football or softball with your kids, go for a walk, do yoga or hit the gym, there are plenty of options that will get your heart rate up and tone muscles. Plus, fun activities like dancing and playing sports don’t even feel like exercising at all!

4. Eat More Protein 

Protein is a great macronutrient for building more muscle and keeping the metabolism up, so make sure to eat protein with each meal and snack. And enjoy protein rich foods early in the day too for breakfast for that immediate brain boost and to wake your body up! 

Try eggs, Greek yogurt, a chia seed pudding or smoothie, or nut butter on toast. You can also use a Bobo’s bar crumbled into these foods for that carbohydrate source and delicious flavor and texture. And if you’re looking for a portable protein-packed snack for hikes or commutes, Bobo’s Protein Bars are the perfect treat.

5. Show Gratitude Each Day

A great way to show appreciation for others and to boost your own happiness is by showing gratitude, as it reinforces how thankful you are for life and the positive aspects in it. 

It’s a wonderful reminder when you are feeling down, too. You can write a gratitude letter, say three things you appreciate, or show gratitude for yourself by giving yourself a compliment, as well. This new year’s resolution will help you stay more connected to those around you whom you love and who love you back in return. 

6. Eat More Whole Grains

Sometimes carbs get a bad rap, but complex carbs are high in fiber, which keeps the body fuller longer. They can also help your gut have better immune health and regular bowel movements. 

Good whole grain options include oats, quinoa, and brown rice, for example. A Bobo’s Oat Bar is a great option for on the go snacking when the munchies strike. These types of carbs fuel your body and make for a great pre-workout snack too!

7. Read More

Reading more is always a good resolution for new years, whether it is the news, a novel, or an online article. Reading will stimulate the brain and it’s a nice way to cut back on television and media time too, which can easily become excessive, especially at home. Try to read a book every 1-2 months or set aside ten to fifteen minutes a day to read up on the news or from one of your favorite magazines. 

8. Socialize Every Week

No matter how busy life gets (kids, career, appointments, and other stresses!) try to  stay committed to your close friends and family members. 

By chatting with these people at least once a week, you’ll be able to have some fun and blow off steam. Plus, it keeps you connected so you won’t worry about losing touch. If you can’t do a meet in person, do a virtual meetup on Zoom for happy hour or a coffee and chat!

9. Have More Healthy Fats

In addition to eating more protein, fiber, and fruits and veggies, try to choose healthy fats over bad fats as often as you can. Unhealthy fats are often found in fried and processed foods, like a bag of chips or a candy bar. 

Good fats protect your heart and include fats found in fish, avocado, nuts, seeds, and olive oil. For a delicious snack that’s full of tasty good fats, try making a lean mean green coconut smoothie with a crumbled Bobo’s bar and avocado and berries.

10. Get Outside Every Day

Nature is wonderful for the soul. Plus, fresh air will help your body stay healthy and it can be a good distraction during the day (as opposed to mindlessly snacking at your desk!). 

Make a plan as a resolution to get outside every day, either for exercise or just to get some fresh air. You can even take your lunch break outside as relief for the upcoming afternoon slump. Here are some great ways to get outside:

  • take a brisk walk
  • have a picnic
  • play sports with the family
  • read under a tree
  • fit in a workout like running or biking

11. Cut Back on Sugar

Sugar isn’t doing your body any favors. It raises your blood sugar and makes you crash afterwards. It won’t fill you up, but rather lead to more cravings for sugar and it becomes a vicious sugar cycle! 

Too much sugar in your diet can raise the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues. Instead, try swapping out sugary foods, processed goods, and candy for naturally sweet foods like fresh fruit. Bobo’s Oat Bites are also a tasty alternative that taste more like dessert than a healthy snack.