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Beryl's Blog: Baking Ideas for Kids

ideas for baking with kids

Baking with the kids: when you imagine it, it's a peaceful scene with kids who are cheerfully putting ingredients together as they listen to everything you say. In reality, however, it doesn't take long for the entire thing to fall apart. Suddenly, someone is yelling, someone else is crying, and it looks like a tornado has hit the kitchen. Whose big idea was this?

Remember - it was yours! Take a deep breath, and try some of these baking ideas for kids.  

Baking Ideas for Kids: Pro-Tips

Before you start baking, there are a few things you will need to remember.

Baking with children is messy 

Before you embark on your cooking adventure with your children, accept that there's going to be a little bit of a mess. Ingredients will probably be spilled, and you may have to do more cleaning than usual once your delicious goods have been finished. Remind yourself that a little mess never hurt anyone, and have the kids join in the cleanup, too. As they learn, they'll become neater cooks who make less of a mess to clean up later. 

Kid-Friendly Baking Supplies Are Your Friend

Next, make sure that you have the right supplies on hand. Keep dish towels and wipes close at hand and have your children wear a smock or old clothes. Make sure you have a stool or stable chair nearby so kids can actually reach the counter.

Prepare Difficult to Prepare Items Ahead of Time 

If you're making cookies with chopped nuts, it might be wise to prepare them in advance. Kids don't have the attention span to put together a long, complicated recipe, nor do they have the fine motor skills necessary to handle complicated decorations. When you're baking with kids, the best idea is to keep it simple! 

Ideas to Make Baking with Kids Fun  

Give Kids Fun Titles

Perhaps your daughter is the "Chef of Mess" or your son is "Duke of Decorating". Get silly with the kids and invent fun titles that will allow you to giggle together as you prepare and serve your special dishes. You'll bring smiles to both of your faces every time you remember those silly hours in the kitchen. 

Throw Together Fun Pies

Make up a simple crust--or, if you're pressed for time or working with little ones, consider buying one premade from the store. Use a muffin tin to hen have your child help you fill it with their favorite fruits, cooked over the stove with sugar for a few minutes to soften them before they go in. You'll get a gorgeous pie that will be sure to brighten the rainiest day. 

Stir Up Dirt Pudding

Crushed gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookies (which the kids will love pounding together), chocolate pudding, and a few gummy worms for good measure: what could be more fun for little ones in the kitchen? Let the kids garnish with the gummy worms or hide them in the "mud" for a fun surprise. 

Make Your Favorite Bobo's Recipe!

Bobo's bars are great on their own, but they can also be used to make hundreds of amazing recipes! Cooking with the kids is always an adventure--and with these simple strategies, you can make it more enjoyable for everyone at the table. What are you and your little ones baking up this week?