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Is Peanut Butter Healthy?

Is Peanut Butter Healthy?

Is Peanut Butter Healthy for you? Absolutely! 

Everyone agrees peanut butter is a popular favorite, yet still wonders “Is peanut butter healthy?” Although there is a higher fat content, there are plenty of reasons why peanut butter is good for you. From protein to healthy monounsaturated fat and antioxidants, peanut butter is an easy addition to up your nutritional game.

Is Peanut Butter a good source of protein?

Yes! In each 2 tbsp. serving of peanut butter, there is 8g of protein. Spread peanut butter on whole grain toast, add it to your protein shake, or stir it in with your morning oatmeal to easily up your protein intake and feel full for longer.

Keep in mind, an adult sedentary man needs 56g of protein each day and an adult sedentary woman should eat about 46g each day, so a single serving of peanut butter is about 15% of the recommended daily goal. If activity levels rise, then so does the amount of protein needed each day.

What else makes Peanut Butter a great addition to your diet?

Peanut butter’s protein is a huge plus, but the benefits don’t stop there. It also has vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, biotin, iron, and antioxidants. It also has oleic acid, which is a heart healthy monounsaturated fat. Fat isn’t a bad thing. There’s a difference between the fat found naturally in peanuts and the fat from potato chips. The right kinds and the right amounts will help you stay fuller longer, which will stop you from snacking on junk food and overeating throughout the day. The average adult needs 44g to 77g of fat each day, so a 2 tbsp. serving of peanut butter with 16g of fat is the perfect amount to keep you satiated. Be sure to look for any any added sugars which can prevent blood sugar spikes and proceeding crashes.


Is Peanut Butter heart healthy? 

Peanut butter is heart healthy because it has nutrients like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, niacin, magnesium, and vitamin E. While peanut butter does have unsaturated fat, the ratio of unsaturated fats is much higher, meaning that the good fats outweigh the bad fats.

Is Peanut Butter bad for you? 

Consuming too much of anything can have negative health effects. While monounsaturated fats do have positive health benefits, eating too much fat and calories can cause weight gain .(Depending on your situation, weight gain can be a positive thing!).

Make sure to always check the ingredients in peanut butter. If it has added sugar, oil, or hydrogenated oil (trans fat), opt for a brand that has only peanut and salt added. If you need a little sweetness, just add a little but of honey or agave.

*In some cases peanut butter can be an allergen. If this is the case, contact your physician and be aware of bringing peanut butter to social gatherings where someone may be allergic to peanut butter.

How much Peanut Butter should I eat each day? 

Peanut butter is an affordable ingredient very versatile. The American Heart Association recommends to consume 1 tbsp. of peanut butter per day, and the serving size on most jars of peanut butter recommends 2 tbsp. The right amount  for you depends on what your dietary needs and goals are.

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