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Tropical Oat Bites Variety Pack

Case of 30 Variety Oat Bites

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This pack includes:
15x Apple Pie Stuff'd Oat Bites
15x Lemon Poppyseed Oat Bites

What do you get when you mix lemon, poppy seeds, and organic oats with your own two hands? Well, we don't know what you get, but we get a rich, refreshing zesty blend of whole grains and fresh citrus. Apple Pie combines organic ground cinnamon and tart organic apples to create the flavor we all love.

    benefits of the humble oat

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    weight management

    Oats leave you feeling fuller longer, helping to stave off hunger pangs.

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    lowers blood pressure

    A diet high in whole grains and fiber are more likely to have healthy blood pressure.

    Bobo's chocolate chip oat boar
    healthy gut

    Whole grains contain probiotics that help beneficial bacteria in the gut flourish.


    Lemon Poppyseed

    Whole Grain Rolled Oats, Brown Rice Syrup, Coconut Oil, Cane Sugar, Vegetable Glycerin, Poppy Seeds, Lemon Oil, Xanthan Gum, Sea Salt, Vitamin E (For Freshness) May Contain Traces of Tree Nuts or Peanuts

    Apple Pie Stuff'd Oat Bites

    Oat Crust: Whole grain rolled oats, brown rice syrup, coconut oil, cane sugar, water, vegetable glycerin, dried apples, natural flavors, xanthan gum, salt, ground cinnamon, vitamin e (for freshness). Apple Filling Cane sugar, cane syrup, water, glycerin, modified tapioca starch, evaporated apples, natural flavor, citric acid, pectin, locust bean gum, cinnamon, annatto, and turmeric [for color]. CONTAINS COCONUT. MAY ALSO CONTAIN TRACES OF TREE NUTS AND PEANUTS.


    Coconut oil is a great source of healthy fats. It also provides a quick energy supply.


    Contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals not found in processed sugar.


    Adds delicious taste and helps all of our good stuff stay together.