Bobo's Giveaway FAQ

Why am I no longer able to pick up a coin on the map?

You may have reached the maximum number of coins you can pick up from the map (a max of five (5) coins can be picked up from the map).

How do I open my Bobo's Giveaways wallet?

Navigate to: If the system logged you out, please sign in again with the original email address you used to enter the giveaway to access your wallet.

How do I redeem if I've been notified that I've won in the Bobo's For A Year Giveaway?

To redeem online, open the Bobo's Vatom that says “You Won!” in your Bobo's Giveaway wallet. Click “Redeem Online” and confirm the redemption to obtain a one-time promo code that can be used to order the product from the online store at Bobo' (shipping cost may apply).

How do I add coins to my wallet?

When entering the Bobo's Giveaway, please click the "Win Me" Vatom where you will have the opportunity to get more entries. Click the "Get More Entries" button where you will be prompted with five options to collect more entries into the Giveaway.

  1. Share - copy the unique URL and share with friends on social media, text or email. For each friend that enters the drawing you'll get on additional entry in the Giveaway.
  2. Follow - follow us @eatbobos on Instagram and Twitter, or subscribe on YouTube to receive one Bobo's Coin for each channel. 

Where are the terms and conditions for the Bobo's For A Year Giveaway?

Find all of the terms and conditions for the Bobo's-A-Day Giveaway.

 How many entries into the Bobo's Giveaway am I allowed?

You may collect up to 20 coins total. One coin represents 1 entry. You will receive 1 coin after signing into the sweepstakes and verifying your email. Thereafter you can collect: 5 coins on the map; 5 coins for sharing with friends; 5 from completing the questions to learn about Bobo’s; 1 coin for following Bobo's on Instagram; 1 coin for following Bobo’s on Twitter; 1 coin for subscribing to Bobo’s YouTube channel; and 1 coin for completing a video view. Good luck!

Where do I find my login link when I submit my email address?

Email sign ups, the confirmation code was emailed to that email address.

Why did I not receive an email with the login link?

The email may have ended up in the "spam" folder.

What if there are no coins near me?

While we spread coins all over the US, some may not be near you at the moment. But good news! You can either 1) take an adventure to find the nearest coins OR 2) explore the other options for earning additional coins, such sharing the sweepstakes with a friend.

Where there's a will there's a way!

Still having issues?

Please email and our Customer Service team will be in touch with a response shortly