• Where are Bobo’s made?

    All of our bars and bites are made in our bakery in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Who is Bobo?

    ‘Bobo’ is the nickname of our Founder’s daughter, who first baked delicious oat bars in her mom’s kitchen in Boulder, Colorado.

  • How can I get Bobo’s to sponsor my event?

    Easy, just email us! All donation or event requests can be sent to us here.

  • Are Bobo’s dairy-free?

    Yes, all Bobo’s are free of any dairy products.

  • Are Bobo’s nut-free?

    There are several flavors of Bobo’s that contain tree nuts and/or peanuts. Bobo’s has an allergen program in place to prevent cross contact with these allergens, but we recommend that those with allergies to these ingredients exercise caution when eating our products.

  • Are Bobo’s vegan?

    Yes, all of our oat bars are made free of animal products or by-products.

  • Are Bobo’s gluten-free?

    Every one of our products is certified gluten-free by the GFCO. Our bakery is a gluten-free facility and we undergo daily testing on every batch of our oat bars.

  • Are Bobo’s Kosher?

    All of our bars are certified kosher by Earth Kosher.

  • It states on your label there are 2 servings per bar. Why don’t you list the nutrition facts per bar?

    Our bars fall into the FDA’s category of grain-based or granola bars. A single serving of these types of products is 40 grams. Since our bars weigh more than twice that amount, we were advised to publish our labels as amount per 1 serving.

  • Why isn’t there more protein in Bobo’s?

    While some of our bars may not have a lot of protein, others do. Two of our bars – Almond Butter and Peanut Butter – have 6 grams of protein or more per bar.

  • Are these safe to eat while pregnant?

    As every pregnancy is different, we recommend consulting with a doctor or dietitian to discuss whether our product would be a delicious fit for your prenatal diet!

  • What is the shelf life for your bars? Can Bobo’s be frozen to extend shelf life?

    The shelf life for each bar is 7 months. Bobo’s can be frozen and enjoyed at a later time.

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