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Bobo's Toast'r Pastries: Top Vegan Travel Snacks!

vegan snack bars woman eating bobos bar

Vegan Travel Snacks

Travel snacks are more often than not salty, fatty, and rarely nutritious. It seems that the only options available are popcorn, chips, and granola bars loaded with sugar and chocolate. And what about the vegan snack bar options? There seem to be slim to none. One Green Planet listed off several different choices for healthy vegan snacks that they believe are some top options for those seeking more nutritious snack ideas. Some of their ideas include:

1. Fawen Ready to Drink Chilled Vegetable and Coconut Soup

2. Beanitos White Bean Chips

3. Lesser Evil Budhha Bowl Organic Popcorn

4. Emmy's Organic Macaroon Cookies

5. Bobo's Toast'r Pastry

Read One Green Planet's article here to discover even more healthy, vegan snack options.

Healthy Pop-Tarts? Yes Please!

While there are many options and choices listed above that can satisfy that snack craving, Bobo's Oat Bars has a delicious and nutritious Toast'r Pastry that takes the cake! In fact, they are so health-friendly that One Green Planet listed them as a top vegan product in July 2018.

Stuffed with 3g of fiber, rolled oats, and your choice of blueberry, chocolate, or strawberry filling, these tasty pastries are essentially healthy Pop-Tarts. Perfect for busy families on the go, hungry kids at school, or even for a slow morning at home, these Toast'r Pastries are the perfect choice to help stay on track, while still enjoying something sweet and delicious. And if Toast'r Pastries aren't your cup of tea, Bobo's offers a variety of vegan snack bars that will leave you feeling full, satisfied, and ready for whatever the week may bring.