Chocolate Peanut Butter S'Mores

Do you remember that moment in the Sandlot when Smalls asks Ham “S’More What?” It’s a scene as tragic as it is funny. We never want anyone to have to ask that question and we never want anyone without graham crackers to not be able to enjoy s’mores. So we created this recipe, free of graham crackers (and gluten!), for all of us to sit around the campfire and enjoy together. So next time someone asks, “S’more what?” you’ll say, “S’more Bobo’s, please.”



prep time iconPrep Time: 5 Minutes / Cook Time: 10 Minutes

serving size icon  Serving Size: 5

Take each Chocolate Peanut Butter Toast'r Pastry and slice in half. This will be enough for 4 s'mores. Place each marshmallow on a small wooden stick and roast as desired. Place 1 square of chocolate one part of the toaster pastry. Place your roasted marshmallow on top of one side and place other side on top. Enjoy!

Pro Tips from Bobo

You can make Chocolate Almond Butter S'mores with our other toaster pastry. After all, variety is the spice of life. 

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