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Veteran's Day: How to Provide Meaningful Help for Veterans

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How You Can Provide Help for Veterans

Whether we served in the military ourselves, a family member or friend who was once actively enlisted or deployed, Veteran's Day is a very special red-letter date and time of year that's near and dear to many of us. This honorary day is set aside to help thank veterans for defending our freedom. But the question has to be asked, how can we provide help and care for the veterans in our lives?

Charitable Contributions

Often we make charitable contributions during these types of occasions, but it's important to know where these funds are going, how these figures will be spent and exactly how much of the money will go towards expenses like overhead. In no way am I suggesting you shouldn't give to charity, but donors should be aware of exactly where, why and how these donations will be spent to benefit these worthy causes. 

For example, here at Bobo's, we've taken one of our favorite flavors of snacks and given it a Veteran's Day twist with our "Hero" Chocolate Chip Oat Bars. With every purchase of a six-pack of these limited edition healthy treats, 30% of the proceeds (this amount comes from the cost consumers pay and not a portion of the profits) will go directly to benefit Operation Finally Home. This is a wonderful and tasty gift that gives back!

Behind the Doors of Operation Finally Home

Bobo's Oat Bars is proud to support and partner with Operation Finally Home, a non-profit organization that has already had a significant impact on military housing across our country. For nearly fifteen years, they've been behind over 250 home projects either completed or in the planning process in 33 states providing custom-built, mortgage-free homes to America's heroes. 

These projects include providing housing for widows and widowers of fallen soldiers and their families who've made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our country and protecting our values. While we're all proud of the work that's already been accomplished, we're also keenly aware there's much more to be done. 

Ways to Actively Contribute

Again, while making a monetary donation is always an option, there are many other ways we can actively give back, thank and appreciate our military either on and around Veteran's Day. While many of us may attend or participate in a parade on this honorary day some other exemplary examples of more active participation in this important event include:

  • Volunteering or simply visiting a local veteran's hospital since listening to these "war stories" is an amazing experience for both tellers of the tale and their audience
  • Make a meal or take a veteran out to dinner
  • Perform yard work, assist with clean up efforts or help out around the house especially for older veterans and/or their families
  • Post thankful and meaningful messages on social media with an attitude of gratitude including showcasing pictures of your veterans and active military personnel

A Veterans Day Thank You

We should always remember our warriors and participate in this attitude of gratitude year-round. When you think about it, these warriors spent many years and in some cases nearly their entire lifetime in service to our country. At the very least, we can spend a few hours of our lives thanking them for their valiant endeavors.