Spreading Love This Holiday Season - One Oven At a Time

Here's How Our "Oven Bake-Over" Contest Spread Love This Holiday Season

At Bobo’s, we are all about giving back to others, and whether that’s through their bellies (our bars and bites do make quite the tasty, fiber-packed snack!), or through charitable aspects (our three “Cause Bars”), we strive to touch the lives and others and put a smile on their faces.
And that’s why we decided to create our “Oven Bake Over” contest, where we asked our customers to nominate those who might be in need of a brand new oven from Big Chill, a Colorado founded line of retro kitchen appliances, so they could cook warm, delicious meals all season long.

While all of our responses were moving, there was one clear winner whose story was truly powerful. Mandy Gaudreault nominated friend Stacy Rapp for her love and dedication to Mandy’s son after he was diagnosed with cancer last year. Stacy drove miles and miles from her home in Palm Beach, FL to St. Petersburg, FL to support the family during this time. Yet, she didn’t go empty handed—rather she brought freshly made chocolate chip cookies to warm their hearts and bellies while staying in the hospital.

The only problem? The cookies were not good. It wasn’t Mandy’s fault—she didn’t have a functioning oven! So while the sentiment was sweet, the cookies needed some work.

“Stacey is the ultimate friend, sacrificing her own needs to ensure she was there for our family during the most difficult time in our lives,” said Mandy Gaudreault. “Despite her own challenges and her oven acting up, she managed to bake the most delicious, homemade chocolate chip cookies bringing a sense of home when it was needed most. Even though some of the cookies were crispy and others half-baked they were delicious!”

Since winning the contest, Stacey was able to whip up delicious, hot meals for her family and friends this season! She hosted “friendsgiving” and celebrated with her family over a meal that not only had perfect cookies but also other recipes, all of which tasted just as they should.

How to Give Back

Mandy’s affection and thoughtfulness towards her friend in nominating her for the oven shows that the little things—such as taking three minutes to fill out a form and make a warm gesture—can brighten up another person’s day, or even their life.
This season, consider the ways you can make a difference. Bring a bag of clothes for donation, buy a sandwich for a homeless man or woman on the street as an act of kindness, or browse for volunteer opportunities online. Realize your efforts matter, and you never know what could happen when you take the time to try and give back to others—that impact can be so much larger

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