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Meet Who's Baking Heathy Snacks at Bobo's: Ibzan Olivan

baked snacks at Bobo's and meet who's baking at Bobo's

Baked Snacks at Bobo's

At Bobo's, those who work for us are much more than just employees: they are our family. From our office staff to our bakery employees, everyone plays a vital role in making sure we create the most delicious baked snacks and oat treats possible.

To show just how much we appreciate all of the hard workers at Bobo's, we're kicking off a new monthly feature - 'Meet Who's Baking' - with one of our beloved bakers -  Ibzan Olivan. Continue reading to learn more about Ibzan, such as where she is from and what her favorite baked snacks are.

How Long Have You Been at Bobo's and What is Your Role?

I've been here for 2 years and my job title is the Quality Assurance Technician. I make sure that every employee we have is baking our bars the 'right way.' 


What Does Your Day-to-Day Look Like? 

Everyday, I'm at the Bobo's Bakery at 5am, sharp. One of the first things that I do is make sure that everyone in production is wearing a hairnet and beard net (if necessary) and following the Bobo's GMPs. I also do testing for every flavor that is run during the day to make sure they're gluten-free. This makes it to where we make the best tasting bars possible.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Things About Your Role? 

It definitely makes me feel responsible and I love being able to make sure everyone is following the rules so that we don't make any mistakes. 

    Where Are You From? 

    I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in a small town called Hermosa Provincia and I currently live in Boulder, Colorado. 

    What Do You Enjoying Doing When You're Not at Work? 

    I love to explore new places with my 4-year-old son who loves to go out and travel. 

    What Are Some Interesting Facts About Yourself? 

    I love to sing and 4 years ago I auditioned for a tv show and I went to the next round. I also do not like snow. 

    What is Your Favorite Color? (We have to ask)


    Favorite Bobo's Baked Snack? 

    The Apple Pie Stuff'd Oat Bite - it's so yummy.  

    Without dedicated, hard-workers like Ibzan, Bobo's Bakery wouldn't be what it is today. They all contribute to making sure that we provide the best baked snacks and yummy oat bars that families will love. Tune in next month to learn about one of our amazing office team members, and don't forget to check out our website to find some of those delicious treats!