BOBO’S Oat Bars Relaunches With New Flavors, A New Look And Even A New Name

BOBO’S Oat Bars Relaunches With New Flavors, A New Look And Even A New Name

 Boulder, CO’s Beloved Oat Bar Brand Gets A Fresh Look As Five New Flavors Round Out A Lineup Of Delicious, Baked-from-scratch Oat Bars 

BOULDER, Colo., September 19, 2016 -- In 2003 BOBO’S OAT BARS was born on a rainy afternoon when founder Beryl Stafford and her oldest daughter, Alex, who was affectionately nicknamed “Bobo”, baked a batch of oat bars in their kitchen. Beryl took these oat bars to a local coffeeshop, where they quickly became a Boulder, CO favorite. BOBO’S baked-from-scratch oat bars are now sold nationwide, and today is announcing a brand new name, a refreshed look and five new flavors to an already impressive product lineup.

Today BOBO’S OAT BARS becomes simply - BOBO’S. The new name and logo, displayed largely on the brand’s new packaging, represents the playful authenticity of a brand born out of love from a mother’s kitchen. The new packaging itself touts a clean, fresh look while retaining the fun colors BOBO’S fans associate with each flavor and the transparent window so customers can still see the bar inside. 

Also featured in the brand’s new packaging, the "Bobo" character herself is more prominently displayed, still sporting her quintessential heart t-shirt to remind customers that each and every bar is baked from the heart, with simple, wholesome ingredients. The Bobo character, originally designed in 2003 by Robin Hiers, an artist and long-time friend of Stafford’s, channels the roots of the brand - a strong connection between mothers and daughters - an important element of its identity.

We are very excited to enter a new phase for our brand and to announce our new flavors,” said Beryl Stafford, Founder of BOBO’S. “For the first time in 13 years we are changing our branding and packaging because we believe it will help introduce our oat bars to a larger consumer base.”

BOBO’S updated look extends to their new website launched today - - where customers can learn about the origin of BOBO’S, the new flavors, and more. BOBO’S fans will also find the new look reflected on the brand’s social media profiles on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

In addition to its new look, BOBO’S today adds five new flavors to its beloved lineup of delicious oat bars:

  • Chocolate Chip: Bars 3oz., $2.99 MSRP
  • Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip: Bars 3oz., $2.99 MSRP 
  • Almond Butter: Bars 3oz., $2.99 MSRP
  • Banana Chocolate Chip: Bars - 3oz., $2.99 MSRP
  • Gingerbread: Bars - 3oz., $2.99 MSRP, Bites - 1.3oz., $.99 MSRP

In releasing new flavors, BOBO'S took both taste and sourcing into consideration. The new ChocolateChip Bar features dairy-free chocolate chips, adding a delectable new flavor element and texture thatBOBO'S fans have long awaited. The new Banana Chocolate Chip Bar contains bananas from Barnana - a company whose mission is to eliminate food waste on banana farms by up-cycling 'imperfect' bananas that otherwise wouldn't make it to the store.

Additionally, the new Gingerbread Bar, BOBO’S first seasonal flavordelivers a nostalgic taste of the holidays, reminding customers that home is truly where the heart is. All new flavors are non-gmo verified, vegan, certified gluten-free and will be sold nationwide. The Gingerbread flavor will be available in both Bars and Bites and sold for a limited time through December 2016. 

BOBO’S is poised for incredible growth and it’s important our brand identity reflects not only where the brand comes from, but also where it’s headed,” said T.J. McIntyre, CEO of BOBO’S. “We’re thrilled with our new look and believe BOBO’S fans will enjoy it too as we continue to evolve and reach new customers, but we’ll always remain true to that same, homemade quality people expect from BOBO’S.

BOBO’S fresh look, new name and new flavors now gives consumers an artisan-hand-baked-quality option in the over-cluttered snack bar aisle riddled with over-engineered bars made with unrecognizable ingredients. Baked from the heart, BOBO’S is bringing the quality and freshness, normally reserved for the outer aisles of the grocery store, into the snack bar aisle. 

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BOBO’s hand bakes simple, nourishing food from the heart for everyone craving a delicious, homemade snack. Founded in Boulder, CO in 2003, BOBO’S began as a mother-daughter baking tradition with a mission to bake healthier, more nutritious snacks. BOBO’S quickly began a local Boulder favorite and today is sold in grocery stores nationwide. At 3oz per bar, BOBO’S offers a more satiating snack than most of the bar category. BOBO’S 3oz Bars come in fifteen delicious flavors and the 1.3oz Bites are available in six flavors; each are gluten-free, vegan, kosher and non-gmo verified. At BOBO’S, we feed you like we feed our family with hand-baked products that remind you of home.

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