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7 Tips for Moms to Help Kids Stay Healthy This Fall

Keeping your little ones healthy this Fall with these 7 tips

Help Kids Stay Healthy This Fall Season!

Fall can be one of the most beautiful and exciting seasons. With the changing of the leaves, the cooler temperatures, S'mores around the fire pit, and the start of a new school year, there is so much to look forward to. But, fall can also bring one unfortunate aspect that all mothers dread: germs. As the warmth of summer dissipates and the autumn chill sets in, children return back to school where germs tend to run-a-muck. So, how can mothers help their children stay healthy this fall? Here are seven fall tips to help families and kids stay healthy:

7 Tips to Stay Happy and Healthy

1. Moderate Physical Activity 

Just because temperatures are declining outdoors once fall approaches, it's important for kids to get plenty of exercise. Stay healthy and burn off some built-up energy by going to a local park (for free). Take a hike and explore nature (educational). Or, walk around your neighborhood as a family and build rapport with neighbors. Pack a few healthy snack bars and make it a fun day out!

2. Vitamins and Probiotics

Providing your children with a daily multivitamin (or even supplementing with Vitamin C or elderberry) can help boost your child's immune system this fall season. Probiotics also keep the gut in excellent shape to stay healthy. You can find over-the-counter probiotics made specifically for children's bodies. 

3. Wash Your Hands 

Moms, you know this better than anyone: It's a challenge for kids to resist touching things. They may be tempted to touch a shiny object but not realize another child just sneezed on it. That's why teaching your kids to wash their hands after playing and before eating snacks or meals will help cut down on exposure to and the spread of germs. Make a game out of it by rewarding your child with a delicious and nutritious Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Stuff'd Oat Bar after they have washed their hands -- it's a win-win for everyone!

4. Get Some Sleep 

Kids need plenty of sleep to keep their immune systems in top shape. It can be a challenge getting into a new routine when the school year starts, but it's important to be consistent and ensure children sleep well so they can be at their best every day and to stay healthy.

5. Balance the Fun

When kids start back to school, their bodies, minds, and emotions must adapt to the changes. Coming off of a summer of fun, it's important to keep your child's emotional health high. Making sure your child has some fun in their day to do activities they most enjoy will keep your child positive and motivated. Reward them with some free time after doing thirty minutes of homework, or create a point system that rewards time spent working with fun weekend activities. Be creative!

6. Nutritional Meals and Snacks 

Your kids likely burned a lot of calories during the summer, and perhaps you let them indulge in a shaved ice treat or cotton candy to celebrate. But heading into fall, when germs are more prominent, it's critical for children to have well-balanced, healthy snacks and meals that are low in sugar and unhealthy ingredients. Bobo's Oat Bars are a great, quick and easy healthy snack bar for kids that fit easily into a lunch box and will fill your kiddos right up! 

Giving your kids the proper nutrition such as Bobo's Oat Bars can help keep your little ones healthy.

7. Take Care of Yourself 

What's that phrase flight attendants tell passengers before take-off? Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. That goes for mothers too! You can't take care of your children if you don't first take care of yourself. Everything on this fall health tip list applies to you too. But in addition to exercising, getting plenty of sleep, and eating healthy, make sure you get some dedicated me-time so you can feel rejuvenated and ready to care for your family. 

So as the leaves change and the pumpkins come out, take a deep breath and get ready for your family to enjoy a fabulous and healthy fall season. By following these fall health tips, you can keep yourself, your children, and others in your family in top shape. The family that stays healthy together has more time to explore and have fun! And remember, you can make any fall outing exponentially better by throwing a few seasonal healthy snack bars from Bobo's into the mix. You can also read more about autumn health tips here.