Health Benefits of Organic Oats

Health Benefits of Organic Oats

What makes organic oats a nutritious addition to your diet? In general, there are many health benefits of oats; they’re packed with important vitamins and minerals and are a great source of fiber and antioxidants. 

However, regular oats are typically produced using chemical pesticides and fertilizers and may contain additives. Organic oats, on the other hand, are produced using organic farming methods and adhere to strict standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

Here at Bobo’s, we only use organic oats in our products so families can feel good about how they are fueling their bodies while enjoying tasty snacks. 

Why We Use Organic Oats

Organic oats are naturally gluten-free in their whole and unprocessed form. There are tons of benefits to enjoying oats in your diet, especially when they are organic and come from clean, wholesome sources. At Bobo’s we take pride in our high-quality sourcing of naturally unprocessed oats that are gluten-free and make for delicious bars and snacks. Those who have Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance can snack safely knowing our organic oats are free of any cross-contamination during baking.

Comparison to Conventional Oats

Conventional oats have the same nutrition profile as organic, but the conventional ones are often exposed to pesticides and other chemical treatments during production. Organic oats are farmed using natural pest control methods and are free of any additives.  

High Fiber

Whole oats contain almost 11% of your recommended daily fiber intake in just one serving, so they give you satiety and a gut health boost. The oats in all of Bobo’s products give you fiber to help balance your blood sugar and keep you full longer. 

Heart Protective 

Organic oats have antioxidants, called polyphenols, which protect your heart health and fight free radical damage as an anti-aging agent. They also have avenanthramides, a type of antioxidant, which can lower blood pressure. Plus, oats may even lower cholesterol, which reduces risk of heart disease and stroke. 

Blood Sugar Balancing

Organic oats are also great for those with type 2 diabetes who need to watch blood sugar levels and avoid any surges. Since they have soluble fiber, known as beta-glucan, oats help slow digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels to combat any spikes you might get. 


Since oats have fiber to improve gut health, they can also lower risk of the common cold, as your immunity will be higher. Gut health is super important for balancing the body and keeping the immune system running strong to fight the sniffles or any offenders that invade your body. 

At Bobo’s, all of our snacks are handmade with care for your family’s nutrition. By using 100% organic, whole-grain oats in all of our products, we provide the delicious and nutritious energy you need to keep you powered throughout your busy days. 

We are here for you. Contact us anytime if you have any questions on our ingredients or any of our snacks. 

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