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How to Have a Workout Routine at Home

workout routine at home

Let’s face the facts: social distancing has changed our daily lives. Things that we were once able to do very easily are now unattainable. We can no longer head into the office, take a road trip, have dinner with friends, or workout at the gym. We now have alternatives to all of these activities, like working from home or FaceTiming with our loved ones and, very importantly, having a workout routine at home! So, how does one stay fit at home during quarantine?

Luckily, you can easily change your workout routine to stay active at home. While a gym may offer many shiny weights and machines, you can still achieve results with little-to-no equipment! All you need are a few resources, some motivational tunes, and (optional), some furniture at the ready.

Find Easy At-Home Workouts From Local Gyms or Social Media

First up, resources. Many gyms are currently publishing workouts for the price of your monthly membership or for free. A local Colorado gym, Revo Physical Therapy and Performance, is publishing at-home workouts everyday on their Instagram. They also offer tailored workouts for all of their current members, published to them via True Coach.

If you are in search of a list of easy at-home workouts, you can’t go wrong with a monthly membership from a gym like Revo. If you’re looking for that camaraderie and motivation you can only get through fitness classes, check out an online service like Compass Fitness, which offers online classes with their other members! Either way, you’ll find that both of these resources will help you create a workout routine at home.

Gather Equipment to Keep Up Fitness at Home

Once you’ve found a resource for home workouts, you’ll want to ensure you have what you need to complete all activities. Most home workouts can be done without any fancy equipment, but it doesn’t hurt to have (1) a timer or stopwatch (can be found on your phone), (2) a yoga mat, for sweat and support, and (3) resistance bands. Resistance bands can be found easily on Amazon through your local gym or from athletes, like Emma Coburn, who created her own line of resistance bands.

In the instance that you’re in need of a bench or weights, you may not need to look any further than your furniture. A chair or couch works perfectly as a bench for tricep dips or single-leg lunges. Many weighted squats can be done with heavier books or kitchen appliances. All you really need is a bit of creativity and (of course) judgement. Your cat does NOT want to be deadlifted. And your dog doesn't want you to utilize her for squats. Leave the pets alone when you’re trying to get quarantine-ripped.

Want to try out some at-home workouts but don’t know yet if you’re in for a commitment? Head over to our friends at Revo’s Instagram.

Here’s a Sample Workout to Get You Started:

Warm-Up (Pick 3-4)

  • Walking in Place 
  • Couch Stretch
  • Firehydrants
  • Skates
  • Jump Rope 
  • Air Squat 

Set 1: Alternate between the two activities (i.e. 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 9 push-ups, 9 squats, etc.)

Set 1a. Push-Up 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1
Set 1b. Body Weight Squat 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1

Set 2: Forearm Plank - 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off, 8 rounds

Set 3: Alternate between the 4 activities

Set 3a. Single Leg Squat to Couch (4x10 each leg)
Set 3b. Mtn. Climbers (5x15 each leg, 30 total)
Set 3c. Diamond Push-Ups (4x10)
Set 3d. Single Leg Glute Bridge (4x10 each leg)

Set 4: Walking Lunges 1x40 each leg (80 total)