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8 Fun Things to Do at Home to Pass the Time

fun things to do with kids at home

In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, families are “social distancing,” staying at home as schools close and employees are asked to work virtually from home to protect themselves and others from contracting and spreading the virus. Yet, let’s be honest—hours and hours at home, away from school and work, can add up. And it can get quite boring! That’s why it’s a great idea to come up with fun things to do at home like family-friendly games, crafts, DIY projects, and activities that can keeps things entertaining and enjoyable for everyone.

Not only does it indulge kids’ curious natures, but it also creates educational opportunities for learning new skills, while acting as a fun distraction to pass the time. Win-win! Here are a couple of fun things to do with kids at home that the whole family can take part in together.

1. Draw in Coloring Books

Coloring books are not just for kids—in fact, drawing and doodling can be a stress-busting, meditative practice for adults too. There has been a good amount of research to show the positive effects of doodling and drawing in promoting creativity and keeping anxiety at bay. So, use this time to grab a coloring book (here's Bobo's very own coloring book, or enjoy these adult options from Oprah), and let your imagination run wild! No coloring in the lines necessary!

2. Create a Family Tree

What better way to show gratitude for the loved ones in your life—and currently in your home—than through building a family tree together? Grab some markers, an ink pad (for the trees and leaves—go with green or fun pops of color for autumn leaves!), and let your kids draw a tree. Share with them their roots in the process!

3. Make a Family Photo Collage

Another option? Put together a fun photo collage! It is a great DIY wall art idea to replace any old painting, and it’s a way to have a reminder of your family and friends wherever you go. You can make a collage to gift to someone else or to have on your own wall! Or both—there is time!

4. Bake and Play With Funfetti Dough

This funfetti dough is edible—so your kids can nibble away (and you can steal some bites!), while they are playing with it as a fun form of crafts at home. Watch as they build different masterpieces with it or pretend they are “baking” loaves of bread or baked goods.

5. Make Tissue Box Monsters

Okay let’s be real—we all have PLENTY of tissue boxes at home right now. Yet, those empty tissue boxes don’t have to be recycled quite yet and you can use the box to make fun monsters. This is a great craft project kids will love!

6. Make Tin Banjos

Another item you have lots of at home? Canned goods, especially now. So, take those lids off after you’ve consumed what’s inside the jars and use them to make fun banjos at home. Grab a few added supplies, like popsicle sticks, and you can make these in under 10 minutes! Then have a sing-along!

7. Do an Obstacle Course

Staying active is so important during this time, as well as getting some fresh air if you have access and can! If you have a backyard, create an obstacle course with pool noodles. Kids will have fun outside and get their heart rate up for some exercise, while still keeping safe at home.

8. Do Aerobics Together

Grab a yoga mat or stream a live workout video or some music to get those endorphins high and to break a sweat as a family. You can do a Zumba or cardio dance workout for fun or try more intense sorts of exercises, depending on kids’ ages. There are so many fun options!

Whatever you choose, keep it interesting and spice things up! Try various activities that are enjoyable for kids and adults. Remember to smile and laugh and express gratitude that you can all be together during this time and focus on increasing quality time in the home. It’ll make some fantastic memories!