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Coffee Pros Weigh In On The Best Bobo's Pairings

Coffee Pros Weigh In On The Best Bobo's Pairings

Many years ago, our founder, Beryl Stafford, packaged up the Original Bobo’s Oat Bar in clear plastic wrap and took them around Boulder to various stores. She talked to many people about her new product - how it came about in her small kitchen one rainy afternoon, how she made the ingredients organic, gluten-free and vegan, and most of all - how it tasted really, really good. The owner of a local coffee shop knew that these oat bars were special and they ordered up! Coffee drinkers from all across Boulder came to the Brewing Market for their “Coffee and Bobo’s” and the rest is history. 

Til’ this day, there’s nothing quite like a cup of coffee and your favorite Bobo’s bar. To celebrate this partnership, and National Coffee Month, we’ve put together some of our favorite Bobo’s + Coffee pairings. Alas, we didn’t just rely on our own coffee bias (our Assistant Brand Manager Leslie would’ve picked everything Ethiopian), but we brought in some experts. Each one of these lovely coffee folks brought their experience to this blog and for that we are forever grateful.  The following coffee pros weighed in on their favorite coffee and Bobo’s combos:

  • Ben F. - Former Roaster at Share Coffee, Coffee Afficionado
  • Nate M. - Head Roaster at Ozo Coffee Company 
  • Ashley H. - Brew and Marketing Master at Kuju Coffee Company 
  • Miles A. - Marketing Guru at High Brew Coffee 

Bobo's Original Oat Bar & Ozo Coffee’s Original Ozo Blend

Bar: Original Oat Bar
Coffee: Ozo’s Blend; Notes of Chocolate, Sweet, Earth
Why This Works: “I think pairing your classic bar with the Ozo’s classic blend goes perfect. As someone who regularly enjoys this combo out camping, sometimes keeping things simple and classic just works.” - Nate

Bobo’s Lemon Poppyseed Oat Bar & Kuju’s Single Origin Ethiopia 

Bar: Lemon Poppyseed Oat Bar
Coffee: Kuju’s Single Origin Ethiopia
Why This Works: “Bold flavors and delicate nuance, you’ll experience an awakening with coffee flavors of morning citrus, honey and blueberry notes that pairs smoothly with Bobo's coffee house favorite, the Lemon Poppyseed Oat Bar.” - Ashley

Bobo’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oat Bar & High Brew’s Black and Bold Nitro Cold Brew

Bar: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oat Bar
Coffee: High Brew’s Black and Bold Nitro Cold Brew
Why This Works: “A classic coffee for a classic bar. The Black and Bold's never-bitter finish pairs perfectly with the smooth peanut butter and even accentuates the chocolate notes.” - Miles

Bobo's Maple Pecan Oat Bar + Boxcar Coffee Roaster’s Ecuador Alambi

Bar: Maple Pecan Oat Bar
Coffee: Boxcar Coffee Roasters Ecuador Alambi, Notes of Sidra, Bourbon, Typica.
Why This Works: “This bar and coffee combo will taste just like you had a long sit-down breakfast. Warm, chocolaty coffee with a hint of banana will make your Bobo's taste like a chocolate chip pancake with bananas on top.” - Ben

Bobo's Chocolate Almond Butter Stuff’d Oat Bar & Dark Roast Coffee

Bar: Chocolate Almond Butter Stuff’d Oat Bar
Coffee: Counter Culture Gradient Blend from Columbia
Why This Works: “Add some oat milk with this dark roasted coffee to get your milk and cookies anytime, not just for dessert.” - Ben 

Bobo’s Peanut Butter Oat Bar & Kuju’s Black and Bold Awakening

Item: Peanut Butter Oat Bar
Coffee: Kuju’s Black and Bold Awakening
Why This Works: “A never-let-you down experience of bold flavor and aromas that ends with a full-bodied finish. With bold earthy, dark cocoa and dried berry notes, this blend will fill you up.” - Ashley

Bobo's Apple Pie Stuff’d Oat Bite & High Brew’s Mexican Vanilla Cold Brew

Bar: Apple Pie Stuff’d Oat Bite 
Coffee: High Brew’s Mexican Vanilla Cold Brew
Why This Works: “Nothing complements apple pie better than a hint of cinnamon! That’s what you’ll find in High Brew’s Mexican Vanilla cold brew. The hint of cinnamon complements the cold brew and will pair perfectly with Bobo’s Apple Pie Stuff’d Bite or Apple Pie Toaster.” - Miles

Bobo's Chocolate Almond Brownie Bite & Alpine Start’s Instant Coffee

Bar: Chocolate Almond Brownie Bite
Coffee: Alpine Start’s Instant Coffee
Why This Works: “Small bite, small coffee on the go. Columbian coffee will pair well with chocolate in the brownie bite.” - Ben

Bobo’s Blueberry Lemon Poppyseed Toaster Pastry & Little Owl Karindundu

Bar: Blueberry Lemon Poppyseed Toaster Pastry
Coffee: Little Owl’s Karindundu
Why This Works: “This bright citrusy bar will go great with this single-origin coffee from Kenya. The coffee has a very floral tasting profile, highlighting white grape, currant and honeysuckle.” - Ben

Have a favorite coffee and Bobo’s combo? Let us know!