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Best Sweet Breakfast Options

Best Sweet Breakfast Options

The Best Healthy Sweet Breakfast Ideas for When You Have a Sweet Tooth 

Sweet breakfasts get a bad rap—mostly for good reason though considering sweet breakfast foods commonly associated with the Standard American Diet. Think: a stack of sugary pancakes, glazed or syrup-drenched waffles and pastries like scones or muffins. And while eating a healthy breakfast recipe consisting of high-protein, low-sugar foods like eggs, avocado and Greek yogurt will always be a smart move, there are times when you may wake up with sugar craving and need healthy sweet breakfast foods to satisfy the urge. 

Luckily, there you can make an easy sweet breakfast recipe that doesn’t compromise flavor and sweetness but also provides real nutrition as morning fuel—and without excess calories, carbs and sugars, especially added sugars. A healthy sweet breakfast should still offer protein, fiber and heart-healthy fats to wake the mind and body up as well as keep you satiated for hours. 

And sweet breakfast foods don’t have to be a sugar bomb in disguise as long as you choose the right foods to keep at home or to enjoy on the go during that morning commute. These sweet breakfast ideas are healthy and easy to buy or meal prep earlier in the week for ready-to-eat breakfasts several days after. 

Oatmeal with Fresh Fruit and a Dollop of Greek Yogurt

Combine both cooling and warming factors in a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, which is sweet and rich and plays with both hot oats and cool refreshing Greek yogurt. You can stir the dollop of plain, unsweetened yogurt into the bowl of sweet oatmeal if preferred, or leave it more center to have bites of both hot and slightly warm oats at once. 

Toss in your favorite fresh fruit, such as berries, sliced bananas or kiwi and add in almonds or unsweetened shredded coconut, which give the bowls a nuttier feel and some heart-healthy fats to keep you fuller longer.

Sweet Chia Seed Pudding with Pistachios and Mango

Chia seeds are loaded with fiber and healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower inflammation in the body, keep you satiated for several hours and satisfy a sweet craving when topped with wholesome, naturally sweetened ingredients like fresh fruit. 

Try tropical mango with fibrous pistachios or go for cinnamon, apple slices and walnuts or pecans if mango isn’t in season. Both nuts have fiber too, as well as healthy fats—walnuts containing more omega-3 fats in particular! 

Plus, the latter is sweet but also a bit savory and really has a nice touch of fall flavors to make meal prepping this season easy and delicious. You can also add crumbled pieces of a Bobo’s bar on top, which makes this sweet breakfast resemble more of an apple cinnamon oatmeal or granola. 

Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam on Toast or an Oat Bar

Peanut butter and raspberry or strawberry jam is a winning combination and it makes a simple and quick sweet breakfast you can prepare within seconds and even take on the go—no utensils or sitting down at the table, required. 

Spread the peanut butter and fruity jam on a slice of whole wheat or whole grain toast for an open-faced sandwich or top it with another slice to make a full sandwich, depending on your hunger levels and how long you’re going until your next meal.

Another option? Grab a Bobo’s oat bar and squeeze peanut butter and jam on top—this is especially helpful if you don’t have time to prepare anything in advance and just have a bar, nut butter squeeze pack and portable container of jam with you for use during your morning commute or once you hit the office. 

Cottage Cheese with Crumbled Oats and Pineapple 

Cottage cheese is underrated for its high protein, high calcium and electrolyte content but it’s just as good as Greek yogurt—a common breakfast staple that works well for sweet breakfast recipes that call for oats and fresh fruit or even dark chocolate chips, almonds and shredded coconut. 

Swap for cottage cheese, especially if you worked out that morning (it’s naturally salty so you’ll get back some electrolytes that were lost through sweat!) or if you’re planning on having an active day and need some extra stores. Just go for unsweetened cottage cheese and then add your own fruit, rather than buying fruit-filled cottage cheese at the store. 

Fruit Smoothie With Protein

Smoothies are excellent vehicles for getting in some natural sweetness during that morning meal. Make a chocolate smoothie with a chocolate protein powder, creamy avocado, fresh fruit  of your choice and crumbled oats from a Bobo’s oat bar. You can also make a vanilla protein powder based smoothie instead if you don’t love chocolate and then add in strawberries, soy or oat milk, spinach and blueberries for a lighter feel. Feel free to pair it with a Bobo’s bar to stay fuller longer.