"The Skinny on Pregnancy Cravings - How Bobo's Saved the Day During My First Trimester"

"The Skinny on Pregnancy Cravings - How Bobo's Saved the Day During My First Trimester"


By Jamie Hess, aka @NYCfitfam 

Let me start by saying this: I like to consider myself a pretty tough chick! I work hard, workout harder, and pride myself on being a Type-A New Yorker, always on the go. As @NYCfitfam, my life is about staying active, taking on physical challenges, and taking care of my family… so it’s hard to slow me down!

That said… the first trimester of pregnancy took me down HARD... both times!! I have a 3.5 year old son (his name is Mason and he’s the apple of my eye!), and am now pregnant with baby #2. People told me my second pregnancy may be “completely different than me first.” Nope… for me, they were very similar. Both times, my first trimester made me feel like I had a full-blown flu… for THREE STRAIGHT MONTHS.

To break it down further, here are three reasons why the first trimester is the the pits:

  1. “Morning sickness”

This should really be called all-day sickness. All I could stomach were carbs. I craved pasta with butter, toast with butter…. basically anything you could put butter on. Needless to say, for a fitness influencer, this posed a problem.

  1. No working out.

Between doctor’s orders to “cool it” and the morning sickness, I was relegated to the couch.

  1. The mind games.

You don’t “look” pregnant yet, but you are gaining weight and it starts to mess with your head… especially since you can’t tell the world at large yet (it’s recommended women wait until the 12 week mark).

My husband (bless him!) worked tirelessly in the kitchen to try and design meals that satiated my palette, curbed my nausea, and remained aligned with my nutritional ideals. But like most moms-to-be in today’s world, I was still working and very much on-the-go, so I really needed to figure out a snack that aligned with these things as well, and also fit in my purse.

In my own mother’s era, women used to carry around a box of saltines during their first trimester… yuck! That’s not exactly appealing to me, and as we know, not all carbs are created equal. It was super important to me to  “nourish for two,” consuming 100% organic whole grains that break down slower, keep me feeling full longer, and provide plenty of fiber.

Enter Bobo’s!

When I walked into a convenience store one day and saw a display full of Bobo’s bars, I knew I found my (wholesome) my saving grace.

The Chocolate Chip and Lemon Poppyseed flavors became by go-to, as did the autumnal seasonal flavors since my first trimester was during the fall.... and yes, I was even nice enough to share with my little Mason, who became as Bobo’s obsessed as I was.

Bobo’s became the perfect work-around to help settle my stomach, satiate my tastebuds, and fill my body with healthy fuel. Eating Bobo’s ensures my blood sugar levels remain consistent instead of bumping up and down. And since this #fitmama has been back in the gym ever since my doctor gave me the green light, I need all the sustained energy I can get!

I’m grateful to Bobo’s for getting me through my pregnancy… I’m in the home stretch now, just 6 weeks to go!

And you’d better believe that when we pack up that overnight back for the hospital, Bobo’s will be nestled in there next to my maternity robe and slippers!


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