Mother's Day Activities For Family Bonding

Mother's Day Activities For Family Bonding

Mother's Day is very near and dear to our hearts since Bobo's Oat Bars were born from a day of mother and daughter bonding time. During an unseasonably rainy day back in 2003, mom Beryl and her daughter nicknamed Bobo decided to brighten an otherwise gray day with some baking.

In search of a healthy snack, the duo combined whole grain oats, some organic cane sugar, a bit of vegan buttery spread and brown rice syrup for a new taste sensation. After patiently waiting for the bars to bake in a 400-degree oven, voila! This is how the very first batch of Bobo's Oat Bars come to fruition during this shared day of quality family time.

Growing In Popularity

The bars were so tasty Bobo decided to bring them to school to share with her friends who agreed they were absolutely delicious. Sharing in her daughter's enthusiasm, Beryl brought bars to local cafes and grocery stores in and around their hometown of Boulder Colorado.

The popularity of these healthy snacks began to skyrocket and soon this parent and offspring pair were no longer baking for two, they were cooking for thousands. The connection made between the mother-daughter baking team of Beryl and Bobo grew into a thriving business and the two are still cooking together as a part of celebrating Mother's Day and many other family-friendly holidays.

Brief Background About Bonding On Mother's Day

Historians recant days of celebrating the love of our mothers back to ancient Greece and during the Roman era when the motherly goddesses of Rhea and Cybele were being worshipped. It wasn't until the early nineteenth century when Mother's Day was officially added to the calendar as a holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.

The concept was originally conceived by a woman named Anna Jarvis as a personal day of celebration, a time for connections to be made with relatives and held within families. She perceived the holiday as a way families would bond by spending more time together, visiting their mother and attending church services, which is the reason why Mother's Day always falls on a Sunday.

Too Many Presents And A Lack Of Presence

Many people believe Mother's Day has become overly commercialized throughout the years and even the inventor of this date was disappointed with how florists, confectioners and greeting card companies were capitalizing on this holiday. The true meaning and intent of Anna's celebration of our beloved mothers had become a day of gift-giving with the recommended purchasing of certain presents and a lack of family presence.

In this light, the best way we should honor both the creator of this red-letter date and to show how much we love and care for our mothers is to spend more time with them instead of showering them with gifts. Just like Beryl and Bobo, a better day was spent baking together and they inadvertently started a successful business together in the process.

Forget The Flowers

This Mother's Day before contacting a florist, visiting a chocolate shop or hunting for that perfect card at a nearby retailer, consider starting a new family tradition instead. While making Mom breakfast in bed or taking her out to a fancy dinner for Mother's Day are often family favorites, think outside the box when celebrating this year.

Instead of the children destroying the kitchen preparing "the most important meal of the day," or waiting in long lines at an overcrowded, upscale restaurant, wouldn't it be better to simply spend some good, old-fashioned quality time with Mom? This way she won't be stuck doing the dishes and we'll actually be able to have a pleasant conversation with her without talking too loudly to compensate for the din at the diner.

Play Together And Stay Together

Just like Mother's Day having ties with a religious background, the idiom "the family that plays together, stays together," is a variant of the phrase "the family that prays together, stays together." While baking and bonding together like Beryl and Bobo might not lead to starting a successful business, cooking with family members is often traditional for many folks during the holidays.

This year, instead of waiting until Christmas to make cookies, bars, cakes and other treats, why not whip up some of these family favorites on Mother's Day? Other fun activities to enjoy with Mom and ways to celebrate her on this red-letter date include:

  • Letting her sleep in and doing some chores around the house so the family will ultimately spend more quality time together
  • Booking a spa day, a mani-pedi or couple's massage and get pampered together
  • Planting a garden to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables later in the fall
  • Going antiquing, flea marketing or garage sale-ing
  • Scheduling a family photo shoot to get more pictures for posterity
  • Setting up an ice cream sundae bar in your kitchen for the construction of individual and creative desserts
  • Getting "crafty" with a new art project that may include signing up for a class at a community college or at a local arts and crafts store
  • Putting together a puzzle or playing a family-favorite board game
  • Hosting a blow-out backyard barbecue for family and friends
  • Taking a family bicycle ride to a nearby park for a picnic
  • Strolling through a botanical garden or visiting a museum to view beautiful flowers in bloom instead of purchasing them

If you insist on buying your mother something to eat as a sweet and tasty treat on Mother's Day, consider one of our healthy Bobo's Oat Bars. For fans of peanut butter and chocolate chips, there's a special "There With Care Bar" on sale with a portion of the proceeds going to this namesake charitable organization supporting families dealing with children suffering from serious medical conditions.

What a great and thoughtful gift that will have any Mom beaming with pride. Not only will your mother enjoy these delicious and healthy snacks, but she'll also be thrilled to know some of the funds from your purchase are going to help struggling moms who are caring for an ailing child. It's the perfect present and in closing, Happy Mother's Day everyone!


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