Bobo’s Toaster Pastries: A Nutritious Version of Classic Toaster Tarts

Bobo’s Toaster Pastries: A Nutritious Version of Classic Toaster Tarts

Toaster pastries get a bad (yet delicious) rap—and for good reason. Think back to those classic, frosting-coated toaster pastries, pop-tarts and strudels you’d enjoy as a kid growing up. Fruit-flavored and covered with sprinkles and sugary icing, these classic toaster pastries were definitely delicious, but also way far off from being clean.

Now you’re probably finding yourself with kids at home who also want to eat something sweet-filled and flaky right upon waking up or as a midday snack. The problem is that in a traditional strawberry frosted toaster pastry, you can expect to find around 15 grams of added sugar per pastry, and each pack has two, so it’s really double. Who only eats one, right? The American Heart Association advises that kids over the age of two do not eat more than 25 grams of added sugar daily, and so this one pack of two toaster pastries actually goes beyond the max! Yikes. 

Which toaster tarts are healthier alternatives?

Instead of giving them a sugary toaster pastry or pop tart that’s lacking in nutrition and is super high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, you can give them Bobo’s healthier toaster pastries as an alternative. 

These feel indulgent but are actually made with organic, simple, real ingredients such as 100% wholegrain rolled oats and natural sweeteners to make it a healthy better-for-you option. There are a variety of flavors to choose from too such as classic Cinnamon Brown Sugar to Strawberry Jam and they you can still choose to toast them and eat them warm or eat them right out of the box!

What makes Bobo’s the best among toaster pastry brands?

Consider the labels—the ingredients’ ordering (and the list in general) are very different when comparing Bobo’s toaster pastries with a generic toaster tart like pop tarts.

A whole grain strawberry pop tart’s first ingredient is typically sugar, and then the subsequent ones are corn syrup, enriched flour and dextrose, among a few other ingredients. Guess what? These are all fancy terms for more sugar—sneaky, huh.

Yet Bobo’s toaster pastries list organic rolled oats as being the first ingredient, along with other ingredients you can find in your own kitchen. There’s a good amount of fiber with 3 grams per pastry, as well as 3 grams of protein and 6 grams of healthy fats to fill you and your kids up for longer. 

Plus, you can always add more protein to the pastry by spreading nut butter or even plain Greek yogurt on top (the bars are naturally dairy-free, but you can add some yogurt on top for that boost!).

And gluten-free!

Pop tarts don’t actually come in gluten-free flavors, so if your kids have dietary restrictions to gluten, they won’t be able to enjoy them. And bonus, they are also vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, kosher and non-gmo!

Bobo’s makes gluten-free toaster pastries, which differentiates the brand from some other classic toaster pastry brands on the market, where they are approved for those with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivities and still taste just as satisfying.

Bobo’s organic toaster pastries are not only nostalgic and satisfy a sweet tooth, but also provide adequate fuel so your kids can eat them for breakfast, a snack or as a dessert—and let’s be honest, you can too!

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