Humble Beginnings

On a rainy afternoon in 2003, Beryl Stafford and her daughter “Bobo” baked oat bars that soon became a Boulder, CO cafe favorite. This humble oat bar has since captivated loyal fans nationwide, with no compromise to the original recipe, small-batch baking process, or mother-daughter tradition.
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Humble Beginnings@2x

For Beryl, an afternoon home baking with her young daughters was a warm and welcome luxury. Beryl had been burning the candle at both ends searching for ways to reinvent herself… to find a later-in-life way to craft her career. She had to bootstrap her balance. This meant working tirelessly to start her business as a bakery caterer. It also meant working overtime to keep her young girls on the right track. Sometimes this means there wasn’t room for frivolity and fun, but there was never a time where love, hugs and don’t let others get between you and your dream advice was in short supply.

One stormy Sunday, Beryl and her older daughter Alex (aka Bobo) decided a cold, clammy afternoon needed a warm, hearty snack. A simple recipe offered an unassuming oat bar recipe that was the perfect antidote to the grey day… and together they baked the first Oat Bar and the same exact recipe still used by Bobo’s today.

Bobo began sharing with her school-friends and in typical grade-school social wildfire, the Bobo’s recipe spread from classmate to classmate, mom to mom and house to house. Soon buoyed by the neighborhood buzz and enthusiasm, Beryl and Bobo went coffee shop-to-coffee shop until most store owners in Boulder knew Bobo’s by name.

In 2003, when Bobo’s was getting its first footholds throughout the Front Range shelves and shops, the snack bar category was in its earliest days. Most of it then (and still today) offered little in the way of hearty, wholesome and simple. From the very beginning, Bobo’s committed to baking in simple ways with a simple ingredient list with simple language and simple packaging. And while the snack bar category has gone absolutely bonkers, very little with Bobo’s has changed. In our bakery, you won’ t find extruders, presses or die-cutters, Just a lot more pans!


Our Mission

At Bobo’s we feed our consumers like we feed our own families, never compromising quality or taste to create the human-made feel that is more commonly found in your kitchen.


Cause Work

At Bobo’s we are committed to bringing people home! From supplying millions with our homemade oat bars to creating safe homes for those in need by supporting Boulder housing projects.